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In the present time electron-beam technologies, which were perceived as quite difficult and exotic process, nowadays are taking more significant place in the industrial manufacturing and scientific researches.

The unique features of electron beam as a powerful and effectively controlled source of heat, reveal new ways of electron-beam technologies development, especially in such industry sectors, where innovations are important not only in creation of competitive advantages but also new products with advanced design, which was limited due to the old technologies. Most of those industries are aerospace industry, energetics industry, medicine, automotive industry, etc.

One of the major limiting factors of fast distribution of electron-beam technologies is the high cost of equipment, mainly of electron-beam guns.

The core field of activities of JSC NVO Chervona Hvilya is development of innovative electron-beam technologies and equipment, which will possess commercial effectiveness and be accessible for wide range of consumers from the field of manufacturing and research.

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JSC NVO Chervona Hvilya

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