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Joint-stock company “NVO Chervona Hvilya” was established in 1997.

The main activities were focused on trade of metallurgy products from titanium in Ukraine and abroad.

Starting from 1998 JSC “NVO Chervona Hvilya” jointly with a number of Ukrainian scientific and industrial organisations was working in joint operation mode on development of industrial technology of electron-beam refining with intermediate capacity, primarily for production of high quality titanium ingots from titanium scrap and sponge-titanium.

During that cooperation, JSC “NVO Chervona Hvilya” obligations were to operate the full complex of tasks connected with preparation of charge for refining – preparation of scrap and titanium waste, splicing and clarification, quality control and certification of charge for refining. Clarification of titanium waste, as a reactive metal, have always been difficult and expensive task. Engineers of JSC “NVO Chervona Hvilya” had designed and implemented the series of new methodologies of titanium processing processes into industrial scales. Physical, mechanical and chemical methods of processing titanium waste were used. In result of using such methods, the problem of removing from the metal surface gas-saturated layers, cinder, outputs of reactions between titanium and various aggressive environments in waste of chemical manufactures, oils, resin and other forms of pollution turned out well.

Thanks to the working-off the technology of charge refining in electron-beam furnaces, which consists of 100% from scrap and titanium waste, for the first time world market got ingots and slabs made from commercially pure titanium, according to the standards of GOST and ASTM, with reasonable price. Furthermore, this allowed JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya” and other Ukrainian enterprises within titanium industry to operate with sufficient level of profitability in the most difficult years for titanium market in the beginning of 2000s.

Along with production and supply of titanium slabs and ingots, JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya” has organised manufacturing of different titanium semi-products (staves, slabs, pipes, wires) on various enterprises in Ukraine, Russian Federation and in China. Among of our clients, we can point out: Norilsk Nickel, JSC "Admiralteiskie Verfi" – Russian Federation; Loterios S.p.a., Titanium International Group – Italy; ALBA – Norway and many others.

Economical and technical benefits from developed technologies of refining and methodologies of charge preparation from titanium scrap and waste, have attracted attention of international companies, which were interested in high-tech processing of own titanium waste. During the long period of time JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya” was performing orders on refining of titanium scrap and waste from USA, Germany, Russian Federation, United Kingdom and Japan.

Tremendous growth of titanium market, which started in the end of 2004 have revealed new prospects of titanium production development. We knew that growing demand of titanium products (slabs and ingots) would also cause the growth of demand on melting equipment, including electron-beam melting furnaces. At the same time it was clear enough for us, that design and technology base existing at that period of time in Ukraine does not meet modern standards for such equipment.

Therefore, in 2005 the management of JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya” decided to start activities in research and design of advanced electron-beam equipment. For that purposes we established “Design Bureau of Vacuum-metallurgy Equipment” (DB VME).

During 2006-2008 the first electron-beam melting furnace with intermediate capacity “BMO-01” for production of titanium slabs and ingots with mass up to 12 t was developed under the requirements, prepared by JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya”. The DB VME developed design documentation for chambers and machinery. Software and hardware complex of furnace operation was developed by the scientific and production enterprise “Photone” (Kyiv, Ukraine) on the advanced element base and specialised software.

The first electron-beam melting furnace was built and shipped for the titanium plant of “Strategy-BM” enterprise (Kyiv, Ukraine). At the present moment this furnace is re-sold to Chinese company Qinghai Supower Titanium Co.

JSC NVO “Chervona Hvilya” is the legal owner of design and technical documentation of electron-beam melting furnace BMO-01.

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