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JSC NVO "Chervona Hvilya" provides following service programs:

  • Technical supervision and maintenance of creation of electron beam melting furnace by skilled designers, engineers and technologists at all stages of realizing of this project namely designing, production, acceptance and testing, assembly, balancing and commissioning, installation;
  • Transfer of electron beam melting technology for production of metal ingots and slabs;
  • Post-sale technical support, guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service, delivery of spare parts and expendable materials;
  •  Possibility of training course for Customer's staff at operating electron beam melting furnace in Kiev, Ukraine;
  •  Scientific and technical cooperation in research and development of melting technologies for different metals and alloys, experimental melting at operating electron beam melting furnace in Kiev, Ukraine;
  • Design of reconstruction and modernization projects for existing electron beam melting furnaces with application of gas-discharge EB guns of BTP series, high-voltage power supplies of HFPS series, computer-based control systems; production and complete delivery of above mentioned equipment and other units, which are necessary for reconstruction and modernization.
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