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Electron beam melting furnaces

  • Electron beam melting furnaces are intended for manufacture of ingots from reactive and refractory metals in vacuum. 
  • Furnaces design and applied operating practices allow using melting charge in the form of ingots, rods, welded rod stocks, briquettes, grains, sponge and also metal scrap of different kinds and sizes, etc.
  • One or two horizontal side feed units are used in the furnaces design against sizes of ingots been melted. Design features of furnaces ensure decreasing of electric power consumption and loss of material for evaporation and spray.
  • In furnaces design the melting equipment (cold hearth with overflow lip and withdrawal mold) is merged in modular build which is easily installed to the melting chamber and extracted from it. It allows quick reset the furnace from one standard size of ingot to another, and also simplifies maintenance of melting equipment.
  • The design of cold hearth ensures refining of melting charge from nonmetallic inclusions and gas impurities, eliminates ingress of parts of unmelted charge to the withdrawal mold.
  • The gas-discharge EB guns of the BTP series with power from 100 kW to 600 kW each and from 1 to 7 in number are applied in the furnaces. Electron emission in such EB guns results from ion bombardment of a cathode. Ions are emitted by plasma which occurs in high-voltage glow discharge between cathode and anode. The gas-discharge EB guns do not demand using of individual high-vacuum pumps, but at the same time they reliably operate over the range of pressures 10…0,01 Pa and are not sensitive to pressure changes in the technological melting chamber during melting process. This fact is especially important when gas-saturated charge is remelted. The gas-discharge EB guns of the BTP series have compact construction and light weight, they are simple and reliable at operation.
  • Special high-voltage power supplies of the HFPS series are used in the furnaces. In these supplies a high-frequency conversion of electric energy due to IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) is applied. Microprocessor’s control on a base of high end digital signaling processors DSP allows realizing flexible operation algorithm of supply during breakdown in EB gun (this feature ensures continuity of melting process) and interfacing between supply control system and central computer without additional devices. So reliability of computer-based control system and the whole electron beam melting furnace are considerably increased. Above high-voltage power supplies are very compact and simply engineered; it can be installed directly on service platform near the furnace. Its application allows reducing Customer expenses for power supplying and civil and erection works.
  • The supervision of technological process and operating of all furnace systems is carried through the PC-based control system of the FOTON series designed upon a principle of SCADA-systems (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition). Control system includes the central computer combining functions of the server and the main control panel, and a number of programmable logic controllers PLC, which located directly near units and mechanisms of the furnace (objects of monitoring and control). Control system FOTON realizes the developed algorithms of monitoring, registration, regulation and sequential logic control by specialized software created on a basis of real time operational system. Control system screens results of control and monitoring on two monitors of the main control panel, and transmits regulating actions to PLC and then directly to executive devices as a part of operated and controlled objects. Control system FOTON also provides registration of all parameters and events in system, including actions of operator.

We can afford not only universal multifunctional electron-beam melting furnaces but also exclusive solutions for any specified design, which will most closely correspond to the Customerís specified tasks.

JSC NVO ďChervona HvyliaĒ provides the development of specialised projects of electron-beam melting furnaces, production under the designed project, complectation, supply and commissioning on the Customerís enterprise.

Modular approach to the design of electron-beam melting furnaces, orientation on unified serial industrial equipment, huge own experience in organisation of specialised metallurgy plants allow us for flexible approach towards the optimal satisfaction of any Customerís requests.

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